Going through burnout made me realize that we are merely judged by our ‘numbers’.

The more I learned psychology and data analytics, the more I see humans as numbers,” someone said to me, “and I can’t say that I like that. I feel like it’s wrong.
As a high school student…

I could never understand the real meaning behind a passion. Was it gifted? Or was it created?

At times, I will picture passion as something they created before we went into this world, similar to the character “22” in the Soul movie.

22 and the gang.

In case you haven’t watched the movie; basically…

“Ugh, my socks are a mess!” I groaned, looking at these wet socks of mine. This is the situation you will meet if you tip-toeing in a bathroom to pee. A squatting pan, on top of that.

“Want to lend a pair of mine?” he asked, looking through his wardrobe.

Shoes are a woman’s pride. For me, it’s boots.

If only it wasn’t for money, most likely I’d have a room full of boots. But, being a silver spoon isn’t one of the ingredients that God gave me when He made me twenty years ago. So, following my motto, to…

I am trying to let go of what is pulling me back. A step forward, three steps downward. Every time I try to take a step, the unseen hands keep on holding the back of my shirt. …

I love music.

Although I do not have enough capability to play an instrument, although my voice sometimes fits enough to be called “tone-deaf”, I still love music. Perhaps that is what draws me in toward my all-time favorite movie?

Begin Again (2013)

I’ve stopped counting on how many times I’ve recommended this…

Talitha W. Eranza

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